Launching LeadMi: AI Native Lead Generation & Marketing Automation Platform

Across the world, marketing budgets for organizations account for over 11% of their revenue. For B2C organizations this statistic is higher, at over 14%, and for B2B it is relatively lower, at 9%. B2C organizations are constantly reaching out to their customers for re-engagement and retargeting whereas B2B organizations are constantly in search of high value leads for their pipeline.  Over the years, marketing strategies have evolved from being fully traditional – print, media, advertising to a current mix approach where an online/digital marketing automation platform is a key enabler for the businesses.

With online marketing, there are several hurdles to driving the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. The hurdles include operational as well as intelligence aspects which constantly question the ROI delivery of the marketing strategy.

LeadMi: Marketing automation platform and AI native lead generation that solves these challenges for marketers

By automating marketing tasks and leveraging native AI-based technologies like NLP, NLU, Intelligent Decision Making, Machine Learning amongst others, LeadMi provides high-quality insights and data allowing you to arrive a custom predefined formula to drive your marketing needs.

LeadMi has been created to drive 3 key marketing pillars

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Social Listening 
  3. Content Distribution

A large number of B2B organizations rely on either inbound marketing or a lead database for lead generation. Having said that, 61% of marketers say that they are still constantly struggling with generating good leads since there is no definite formula or pattern to it as yet.

Inbound marketing is the task of trying to build interest for a product or brand via an Ad or a post on the internet and navigate the user to a landing page to capture their profile details through a form.

A lead database is a set of lead profiles with name, email and possibly other attributes like phone, organization, region, industry etc.

There are 3 fundamental problems with this approach

  1. As per research, organizations are spending up to 50 USD per prospect lead to fill a form and about 30% of data provided while filling forms in incorrect. So, the cost of data gathering is upwards of 50 USD.
  2. Lead databases are traditionally built at a certain point in time based on a single data source like LinkedIn. They are seldom updated with the latest data and are not validated for correctness across multiple data sources.
  3. Even if we were to assume that the lead profile information was accurate, the tougher part is lead qualification. Imagine having a set of 100K leads but not knowing who to go after. It is extremely important to identify the right leads to pursue which ones will result in high returns – high ROI and higher team motivation levels.

LeadMi is true to its play on leading you towards your marketing goals and has built a lead generation engine that

  • Allows you to define a buyer persona using a set of organizational and user attributes like function, region, industry, seniority level etc.
  • Generate leads for your buyer persona at the click of a button. Leads are generated and validated from across multiple data sources on the internet.
  • Computes and provides an intelligent match score for every lead based on buyer persona and other parameters.
  • Displays the status of availability of the key profile information like email ID, contact number and social profile URLs.
  • Allows you to choose the lead profiles that you would like to unlock and view based on the score and the availability of the profile information. Users pay only for the unlocks.

In addition to this, LeadMi also allows you to update your data set with a refresh option. Users can choose to refresh their lead profiles which updates the profile data of the existing unlocked leads and also fetches new leads based on the buyer persona.

Based on one’s appetite and capacity, they could choose to unlock lead profiles and pursue them. It’s really that simple!

leadmi marketing automation platform

A marketing automation platform offers social listening, now an emerging trend

It is primarily for B2C organizations but also very helpful for the B2B ones.

Consumers or users of the brand/product are constantly engaging with the brand either on social media or the internet. Their interactions reflect their emotions for the brand, the product or the service.

As marketers, it is extremely important to identify, understand and nurture these emotions for the growth of the brand.

Social listening is the task of constantly listening to brand engagements or interactions and evaluating them to draw insights and in a few cases act upon them.

Social listening has 4 major benefits for your marketing team

  • Allows you to listen to mentions of your brand or product over social channels. Mentions can be further classified into 3 categories: negative, positive and review based.Consumers complaining about your brand if not acted upon quickly can tarnish your brand’s reputation online. There are several examples of such incidents worldwide. Consumers providing positive feedback about your brand/product or service can act as your influencers and hence it is very important to identify & nurture them.
    As per research, consumers are constantly asking for review or feedback of a brand/product or service online. How about being notified and reaching out to them directly?
  • Builds a brand dashboard which is a mix of trends for sentiment, engagement, ROI and brand index.
  • Allows you to listen to your competitor’s engagement thereby, building a battle plan for your teams.
  • Identifies sales opportunities by profiling prospective leads matching your buyer persona as well as interacting with your brand.

Content creation and distribution with a marketing automation platform

It is the final aspect where automation in marketing can help several teams. Operationalizing marketing communications is a tedious task and with several social channels, the complexity has increased significantly.

LeadMi can automate content distribution across social channels and provide insights on content keywords to communication effectiveness.

AI native Lead Generation is now available for our customers to actively try using our free registration and trial capability. Active pilots are in progress on social listening, content distribution and will be live soon.

Stay tuned to know more about the marketing automation platform. Please connect with us on our social channels or email us at


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Why Is A Buyer Persona Important And How Can Your Business Leverage It?

buyer persona

Every marketer has learnt, read or at least heard about the concept of STP in marketing. STP stands for Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning. It is quite a common concept along with SWOT and 4Ps. In modern marketing, we use buyer persona in addition to defining the target market. It is a description of a user – their attributes, aspirations, expectations, pain points etc.

define buyer persona to improve lead generation

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Attributes of a buyer persona

The attributes are broadly categorized as:

Demographic – Age, marital status, education, employment, gender etc.,

Geographic – Region, City, State, Country, Neighbourhood etc.,

Psychographic – Core values, Lifestyle, risk taking ability etc.,

Behavioral – Loyalty towards the brand, Product usage patterns, Benefits expected etc.,

And a buyer persona is the persona definition of the buyer of either your product or service or the brand itself. Defining it means the culmination of multiple possible attributes that you can leverage to attract the buyer and convert the sale.

How to define a buyer persona

Here’s an example of how you can define a buyer persona.

Box is a cloud storage platform to store and back up documents, images etc. all at one place. Also, it allows you to access, update and delete documents across multiple types of devices irrespective of your current location.

Let’s assume Box aligns itself with large businesses and wants to capture the document storage segment in this market. A buyer persona for Box could be a VP or above in Information Technology or Operations function. The core decision maker in the organization with employee count more than 2000.

The definition helps in identifying and targeting the right leads. Once the buyer persona is defined, the next step would be to target them.

Inbound marketing vs marketing automation

Traditionally, marketers have had different levels of success in Inbound Marketing. Marketers build out content, distribute them on various social channels and attract prospects to a landing page where they can fill a form. Marketers then screen the prospects and qualify leads to check if they match the buyer persona.

However, there are several issues with this process:

    • Form filling has a 30% error rate in prospect data collection. Prospects fill dummy values for name, contact information.
    • There isn’t a predefined set formula to get prospects to fill a form. At best, it is only an expectation.
    • The process of mapping prospects to the buyer persona is a manual and tedious effort.
    • The cost of motivating a prospect to fill a form is more than USD 25 per lead.

Marketing Automation is an alternative to inbound marketing. It is better than traditional marketing, ensures high performance, is cost efficient and provides better control.

Read more about marketing automation vs traditional marketing is a marketing automation platform that allows marketers to define the persona of potential buyers through multiple attributes. Once defined, the automation platform will generate leads with their profile information. This contains user email, contact number and other demographic details. The information is sourced from the internet. Moreover, the leads are automatically qualified to your buyer persona. It cost less than 50 cents per lead!

In fact, can also identify the prospects interacting with your brand on multiple social media platforms and automatically qualify them. Social listening as they call it is at the heart of

How about working only with hot leads everyday?

B2B Lead Generation – 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid To Improve Your Sales Conversions

B2B lead generation and conversion is the key to success for all of us in B2B Sales & Marketing. In our experience, we may have seen varied levels of success in this regard. Here are the top 5 mistakes that you can avoid to improve lead quality and conversions.

5 B2B Lead Generation Mistakes To Avoid

B2B lead generation to improve conversions

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#1 Not defining a buyer persona and targeting a broad based market

A buyer persona is a set of persona attributes of buyers, who choose a product or a brand. These attributes can be seniority level, function, region, company size etc.

A common mistake that most businesses do is that they buy leads as part of a database. There are 2 problems with it. One, the profile data could be outdated. And two, they would be trying to engage a broader market base that is further away from their target market.

Recommendation: Build a buyer persona. Leverage the behaviour and attributes to narrow down your target market on social media platforms and lead generation tools.

Read more about how you can leverage your buyer persona

#2 Missing out on CTA and expecting the leads to take action

This is yet another common mistake that marketers can easily avoid.

We often see compelling ads, topics and posts that interest us. We engage with them and then move away from them. The primary reason for this behaviour is a missing CTA.

So, leveraging the intent of engagement is important to get the user to complete an action.

Recommendation: For every content that you post or make available, display a CTA button, buttons or links. The assets can be a website, a blog post, a social post or a white-paper that users can download.

#3 Continuing to spend on channels that are not resulting in ROI

Marketers often do a great job at building a marketing strategy and communication plan across multiple channels like email, social media etc., But, they struggle with identifying, analyzing and defining the ROI across multiple channels. It can be because they are bias towards a certain set of channels and are unable to manage multiple channels at one go.

Recommendation: Define goals for every campaign. Analyze and identify the right channels for higher ROI. Invest in channels delivering a higher ROI and evaluate them periodically.

#4 Over-reliance on landing pages and forms

Inbound marketing is at the heart of B2B marketing. It leads users to a landing page or a form that they must fill. However, about 30% of profile data from these forms and landing pages is found to be false.

Imagine if a business is spending over 25 USD per lead to fill a form, the effective cost per lead is close to 35 USD per lead!

Recommendation: Identify and invest in lead generation channels that deliver a higher ROI. Provide the ability to define a buyer persona and ensure that the profile data is up-to-date. Focus on qualifying and engaging leads.

#5 Poor planning and implementation of the lead generation strategy

Planning for lead generation is a continuous and evolving process. Lead generation techniques vary based on the industry, the region etc. Some techniques may work better than the others.

Hence, it is important to constantly evaluate the current techniques, identify gaps and new techniques.

Recommendation: Leverage automation for identifying and qualifying leads to track inconsistent human behaviours. This will give you insights on how to achieve higher ROI.

LeadMi for efficient B2B lead generation is a marketing automation platform that allows marketers to define their buyer persona through multiple attributes for efficient B2B lead generation.

Once defined, the automation platform generates leads with their profile information. This includes user email, contact number and other demographic details sourced from the internet. The leads are automatically qualified to your buyer persona and cost less than 50 cents per lead.

Also, can identify the prospects interacting with your brand on various social media platforms and automatically qualify them as per your buyer persona. Social listening as they call it is at the heart of

By leveraging automation with AI, LeadMi reduces the incidence of the top 5 mistakes stated above. How about working only with hot leads everyday?

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