B2B lead generation and conversion is the key to success for all of us in B2B Sales & Marketing. In our experience, we may have seen varied levels of success in this regard. Here are the top 5 mistakes that you can avoid to improve lead quality and conversions.

5 B2B Lead Generation Mistakes To Avoid

B2B lead generation to improve conversions

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#1 Not defining a buyer persona and targeting a broad based market

A buyer persona is a set of persona attributes of buyers, who choose a product or a brand. These attributes can be seniority level, function, region, company size etc.

A common mistake that most businesses do is that they buy leads as part of a database. There are 2 problems with it. One, the profile data could be outdated. And two, they would be trying to engage a broader market base that is further away from their target market.

Recommendation: Build a buyer persona. Leverage the behaviour and attributes to narrow down your target market on social media platforms and lead generation tools.

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#2 Missing out on CTA and expecting the leads to take action

This is yet another common mistake that marketers can easily avoid.

We often see compelling ads, topics and posts that interest us. We engage with them and then move away from them. The primary reason for this behaviour is a missing CTA.

So, leveraging the intent of engagement is important to get the user to complete an action.

Recommendation: For every content that you post or make available, display a CTA button, buttons or links. The assets can be a website, a blog post, a social post or a white-paper that users can download.

#3 Continuing to spend on channels that are not resulting in ROI

Marketers often do a great job at building a marketing strategy and communication plan across multiple channels like email, social media etc., But, they struggle with identifying, analyzing and defining the ROI across multiple channels. It can be because they are bias towards a certain set of channels and are unable to manage multiple channels at one go.

Recommendation: Define goals for every campaign. Analyze and identify the right channels for higher ROI. Invest in channels delivering a higher ROI and evaluate them periodically.

#4 Over-reliance on landing pages and forms

Inbound marketing is at the heart of B2B marketing. It leads users to a landing page or a form that they must fill. However, about 30% of profile data from these forms and landing pages is found to be false.

Imagine if a business is spending over 25 USD per lead to fill a form, the effective cost per lead is close to 35 USD per lead!

Recommendation: Identify and invest in lead generation channels that deliver a higher ROI. Provide the ability to define a buyer persona and ensure that the profile data is up-to-date. Focus on qualifying and engaging leads.

#5 Poor planning and implementation of the lead generation strategy

Planning for lead generation is a continuous and evolving process. Lead generation techniques vary based on the industry, the region etc. Some techniques may work better than the others.

Hence, it is important to constantly evaluate the current techniques, identify gaps and new techniques.

Recommendation: Leverage automation for identifying and qualifying leads to track inconsistent human behaviours. This will give you insights on how to achieve higher ROI.

LeadMi for efficient B2B lead generation

LeadMi.io is a marketing automation platform that allows marketers to define their buyer persona through multiple attributes for efficient B2B lead generation.

Once defined, the automation platform generates leads with their profile information. This includes user email, contact number and other demographic details sourced from the internet. The leads are automatically qualified to your buyer persona and cost less than 50 cents per lead.

Also, LeadMi.io can identify the prospects interacting with your brand on various social media platforms and automatically qualify them as per your buyer persona. Social listening as they call it is at the heart of LeadMi.io.

By leveraging automation with AI, LeadMi reduces the incidence of the top 5 mistakes stated above. How about working only with hot leads everyday?

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