Lead Generation is an important aspect for businesses. But what is it?

The process of stimulating and capturing interest in the process of developing a sales pipeline with the use of digital channels. However, this involves a careful process that if done right can deliver a huge ROI at the fastest possible time. 

This process is called a Lead Generation Funnel.

What Is A Lead Generation Funnel?

A lead generation funnel is a tool that helps define who your best leads are, understanding where they are in the lead generation process, and outlining how your business will move leads down the funnel as paying customers. It is the pipeline that feeds your business. 

Lead generation funnel

Setting up a sales funnel is crucial for your sales and marketing teams to effortlessly optimize campaigns and ensure the leads convert into customers. 

Your funnel will perform a lot better if you have a profound understanding of your clients’ needs right from the lead phase to the point where they become customers. 

Your lead generation funnel should help drive and nurture potential customers. 

It would, however, be important to note that each business has its unique processes and sales situations. This would result in each of them having a different lead generation funnel. 

But if you’re trying to improve sales for your business and things aren’t shaping up, then follow these steps and you should end up with a great lead generation funnel:

Raise Awareness

The first step for lead generation is awareness. At this stage, your goal is to pique their interest. Anything beyond this could scare off your potential leads.

This initial stage is to set off a wide net of awareness, and drive traffic. This can be done via:

  • Email Marketing
  • SEO 
  • Content Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Cold calls, and more.

Identify Your Prospects

What comes next? You identify your prospects and collect the following data with the help of an automation lead generation platform like LeadMi

It can help define your buyer persona and can also give you the following:

  • Contact Details
  • Size
  • Revenue
  • Position, and more.

LeadMi helps form a database of potential leads instantly, which your sales team will then engage with.

Engage Your Targeted Leads

The key to engaging with your prospects is personalizing your campaign, and paying attention to what their needs are. This is where engaging your targeted leads really helps. 

Since engaging is such an essential aspect of the lead generation funnel, there are various channels you can utilize:

  • Video Content
  • Events
  • Advertisements
  • Emails, and more.

Lead Scoring

When your prospect passes through this stage of the funnel and engages with you, it enters the next stage of the lead generation funnel. 
It is at this stage where sales and marketing reps research to establish whether a lead has potential, or is unlikely to proceed any further.  Lead scoring can help determine the proximity of a lead to their target.

Market To The Leads

The next step would be to market to the leads that are worth pursuing. 

How do you determine this? 

The lead may have shown a high level of interest in your products, or business. They also fit the ideal profile of the lead you want to target. 

How do you proceed from here? 

You need to market directly to this lead by using focused marketing materials like emails and/or various other calls to action. 

If done successfully, at the end of the campaign a lead is converted into a customer.

Customer Advocates

The final stage is towards the end of the funnel. Your leads are now your customers, and you have to create customer advocates for your business. 


By delivering strong customer experiences, which in turn will help spread the word about your business organically.


Lead generation is an essential process for any business, regardless of how big or small they are. But until and unless you understand the ecosystem of lead generation, it will be difficult for you to keep your lead generation funnel flowing. 

It may seem a little difficult, but AI automation can ease things up. How’s that? LeadMi is an automated leads generation platform that will efficiently help you through the process of lead generation. From creating a buyer persona to creating a list of potential leads ready for you to pursue, LeadMi does it all.
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