Manager: “Do you understand what cold calling is?”

Employee: “Yes, absolutely.”

Manager: “Great. Imagine I am a potential buyer and you have to pitch the company product to me. How do you begin?”

Employee: “Uhhh…..”


We all get stuck on that “Uhhh…..” at some or the other point in our professional career. It’s quite natural and common but an impeding expression can tick off your customer because of which you might miss out on a promising sale.

Apart from overcoming a pause, there’s much more to learn about cold calling and sales. There’s planning, there’s strategy, then there’s personalisation that talks about selling an experience or a dream.

For this, sales professionals stay updated with the status quo and constantly revisit their pitch. They look for areas of improvement and new tactics to bring more efficiency in their closures.

That’s how they transform an aggravated ‘No!’ to a delightful ‘Yes!’

Therefore, in sales, it’s important to do continuous research, be open to changes and learnings, and practice. If you’re getting started or want to get better at sales, these useful points will help you crack more deals and plan your dream vacation with those commissions.

What is a cold calling script?

A cold calling script is a virtual dialogue between a company and its potential customer that a sales team creates as a guideline to follow. Sales teams take it as a reference and improvise the script as and when required.

When we say improvise we mean that the sales representative can talk about current events, share industry-specific latest updates and discuss hobbies and interests depending on how the lead responds to personal interactions.

Typical example of a cold calling script.

You will find multiple examples of a cold calling script on various websites. They vary from industry to industry and whether or not it’s a B2B company or B2C.

Let’s take a cold call script example from a real-estate agent who wants to reach out to a list of leads that they received.


*Phone rings*

*Potential customer responds*

Potential Customer: Hello?

Sales Representative: Hi, am I speaking with <customer name>?

PC: Yes/No

(Proceed when ‘yes’)

SR: Hi <name>. I am calling from ABC Real Estate Agency. Are you looking to buy a home?

PC: Yes/No

(Proceed when ‘yes’)

SR: Good to know! We have a list of wonderful properties that you might be interested in. Tell me more about what you’re looking for so that I can help you shortlist the ones that suit your need.


And the conversation will continue from there.

Why should you use a cold calling script?

We just read a very simple and basic level of a conversation between a sales representative and a lead.

When doing a cold call, one should remember that it is absolutely not easy to get a straight ‘Yes’ from the lead. In most cases it’s difficult to even connect with them in the first place because most of the times you will reach their voicemail or an assistant. That’s why we call it a ‘cold’ call.

The trick is that it doesn’t end soon. In fact, it isn’t supposed to end soon because later comes the negotiation and further discussion before the final settlement.

Moreover, what if the customer says no right after you ask them whether or not they are looking for a property?

Do you quit right there? Do you pursue them in another way? Or do you ask them if they could refer you to someone they know who is looking for a property?

That’s why you need a script that helps you take charge of the conversation and not let it slip away because you got a ‘No’ instead of a straight ‘Yes’.

This is where experience comes in the picture where sales professionals list down various situations and draw flowcharts.

These flowcharts foresee and design the entire conversation that is most probable to take place. It covers all possible cases and scenarios so that the sales executive doesn’t get cornered.

Moreover, as much as the script helps sales representatives take the lead it also allows them to learn from their mistakes. In this journey, they get a chance to discover new and interesting ways to hook a lead while cold calling and pursue them as hot.

How to write the perfect cold calling script that turns cold leads hot?

Let’s help you write a perfect cold call script to get appointment and close deals through cold calling.

One. Sound confident.

Start off by giving a confident introduction about yourself. Be direct about why you are calling but approach in a way that they find amenable. And be confident.

Some leads want cold calls to be direct while others don’t appreciate it when sales people are too direct with them. Take the first 15-20 seconds as a leverage to understand the mood of the customer.

No matter whether or not they show interest, sound confident.

Two. Give options.

It’s natural human psychology that people don’t like it when they are told to do something. They appreciate it better when they are given options and are asked to choose their pick.

So, every time you try and persuade someone to do something for you instead ask them if they’d like to do option A or option B.

Three. Raise curiosity.

There are several ways in which you can raise curiosity within the lead. One of the methods to raise curiosity used by salespeople is to offer a commitment-free next step, such as asking for permission to continue talking or ensuring the prospect can talk at the time of your call.

Four. Provide proper context.

Cold calling is not an easy skill to crack. It requires a lot of effort. So, to make things easier always ensure that you are giving proper context to your lead on the call. Don’t be just another intrusive caller who has to reach out to a lead because their name is present on the calling list. They will think that you are just another salesperson who is ticking off names from the calling list.

Instead of being categorised as ‘another salesperson’ why not do some homework? Leverage social media channels, media coverage, new hire announcements and news updates to make sure that you have a proper reason for calling. Be prepared and sound confident with a valid reason for your call and determine how you would like to engage with these leads.

Discuss compelling events or game-changing business moves that make your product a must-have in the current industry trend. Use that information to kick-off a conversation and explain the purpose of calling the lead. Automate the discovery of potential leads through tools like LinkedIn, LeadMi, etc., to save time and effort.

Five. Ask smart questions.

As a salesperson who frequently makes cold calls, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are on top of current events, trends and industry updates. This way you become an interesting person to interact with. Moreover, your lead will be able to trust you because you will have relevant and useful information to share with your prospect.

In fact, you can do a little bit of research about the lead to whom you are giving a call. You may not necessarily have the in-and-out information about the lead but knowing a little bit about their industry and being able to predict their interest will come to your advantage.

If you reach out to your prospects with zero information and knowledge, you will again appear as ‘just another salesperson’. You don’t want that now, do you? So, stay on top of latest events, ask smart questions and hook the prospect to get the foot on the door.

Six. Build a relationship.

The more research you do, the “smarter” your questions will get. By asking very specific, personalized questions you will demonstrate to your prospects that you took the time to track all this information down and really understand their situation.

Smart questions will progress the conversation further; trying to wing it will only create distractions, wasting your prospect’s and your own time. And there’s one thing the modern society is truly obsessed with – using their time efficiently. That’s how you build a relationship and a professional rapport with a lead.


Keep the conversation light and simple. Don’t unnecessarily overcomplicate things. Remember to crack casual jokes that don’t come out as offensive. Build a friend-first sales-later relationship that your lead would want to rely on.

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