We are living in a world that is so competitive that there is a substitute for every product and service. Brands are hustling to provide better experience and value for money to meet the increasing customer demand. In order to survive the competition and dominate the market, there is only one key principle – Keep your customers at the centre of every decision that you make. And who wouldn’t agree to this? Because no matter how good the product is, no customers means no business. That’s why businesses fixate on increasing their customer base and look for ways to achieve demanding targets. This is where automated lead generation comes in the picture as a budding problem solver.

Let’s understand what lead generation actually is.

Lead generation is the process of identifying potential customers, commonly known as ‘leads’. You find them on the internet and attract them to either a landing page, form or a blog and nurturing them in the buying process to convert them into a paying customer. 

There are multiple steps to the lead generation process

    1. Acquisition 
    2. Nurturing 
    3. Scoring 
    4. Management 
    5. Lead Generation Process Evaluation 

Lead Acquisition

In simple words, lead acquisition is the process of figuring out where the target market is on the internet and then providing them valuable content/incentive on all the marketing channels to hook them. 

The content can be in the form of a Webinar, an Ebook, a blog post or something similar. 

For pushing this content at the right audience you can leverage social media, video marketing, emails, forums and other channels. 

Once the user reaches the point of interest, then in exchange for their contact information such as name, mobile number, email ID etc, you provide content or information which is valuable to them and is likely to intrigue them. 

Lead Nurturing

Once you have acquired a lead, it becomes a part of your Lead Management System and requires continuous nurturing to move them further down the sales pipeline. So, when the time is right you can encourage them to make another purchase. 

At this stage, retaining interest is a key factor to build a long-term relationship with your customers and develop brand loyalty. 

This process can be short or long depending on how your business model and purchase cycle works. 

Lead Scoring

To focus your time, effort and defining your marketing strategies, it’s important to prioritize the leads and classify whether they should be positioned at the bottom, middle or top of your sales funnel. 

Profiling your leads and classifying them into different stages of customer life-cycle will help you understand which leads are more valuable than the others and devise separate marketing strategies that you can target towards them to nurture them better. 

With lead scoring, you can also distinguish between quality leads and junk leads. This not only saves your marketing team’s time and effort but also keeps them focused on leads with higher chances of conversion. Boosting the morale of your team is an additional benefit. 🙂 

Learn why Lead Scoring and Nurturing is a must for every marketeer

Lead Management

Lead management usually comes after the marketing team has captured a lead when it is time to trigger interest in them into taking an action which would ultimately result in conversion. 

In this particular stage, the focus is to enrich user experience and make the customer feel that they are valued. Only then, there are chances of a conversion and developing brand loyalty and trust resulting in a long-term relationship. 

Though lead management can be a difficult process with a lot of hurdles, it is the most important and final stage for growing a business where keeping the customer first is the key, as mentioned earlier. 

Lead Generation Process Evaluation

After going through all these stages, you have to continuously work on optimizing the entire process. This is to understand the best approach to address your customers. This would require a lot of A/B testing initially. You also have to stay updated with the new technologies that are introduced in the market.

Each aspect of a good lead generation process is unique yet interconnected with the others. And it has to move in complete synchronization to achieve best results.

How LeadMi can help you with it

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