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Tringgg Tringggg Tringgg!!! If you are still going by mounds of paper to find the perfect buyer to sell your product to and looking at various prospective buyers, this is your wake up call. It’s 2020 already and it’s time to put your B2B marketing strategy up and running. Here are a few suggestions that we would want to make regarding strategies for b2b marketing you should adopt in 2020. 

Let us start from the basics and start by defining B2B marketing.

What is B2B Marketing?

Any strategy or marketing that is focussed towards a business or an organization is termed as B2B marketing. Any company that sells services or products to other businesses employ B2B marketing strategies. Regardless of say, marketing refers to the different actions and processes involved in promoting a business or a product or its services. Marketing is an umbrella term and encompasses a wide range of activities like advertising, PR, market research and more.

We have also listed out creative ways on how to nail brand marketing in 2020.

B2B Marketing Strategies

The important thing to remember is that marketing is highly dependent on its audience. Now imagine that your product is banana and you have defined your audience as a streak of tigers and you ask a Deer to take the message across in Wren and Martin language. What would happen? Well, let alone the fact that you won’t sell any bananas you might even get a scratch or two from the tigers! Now there are three important things that we can understand from this example:

  • Target Audience
  • Message
  • Channel

Define the Target Audience

The key to creating a good B2B marketing strategy is by understanding the set of people they cater to. Only then can the further efforts be channelized and streamlined according to the interests of the group. Only then would you be able to see the results. The better focus you have on your target market, the more focussed your content can be. While defining the target market or target audience, make sure to conduct a thorough research and make a target audience statement from all the data that you have acquired you can also do a test run on your social ads and make alterations and take corrective actions. We will be talking more about buyer persona and how to create a buyer persona in our upcoming blog. Stay tuned

Content is not just the King- it is the whole kingdom!

A traditional PR and Marketing strategy would place emphasis on promotional material saying “we are good”. Whereas content marketing gives relevant information and knowledge to the B2B customers who are thirsty for knowledge and makes them say “ these guys are good” and that’s what we want. Content marketing means that there would have been several efforts put for SEO, which would mean that you are thinking by standing in the shoes of your target audience and anticipating what they would want to read about and want to know about. 80% of decision-makers prefer to get info from an article than an advertisement.

Bulls Eye Email-Marketing

We don’t have to stress the fact that marketing is a tough game. Everybody is in it and the question is who wins it. Email marketing can convert a lot of potential customers into buyers. Here are the things to remember while curating an email.

Subject of the subject line

The subject line has got to be attractive and enticing and also to the point. You cannot sell oranges by shouting out watermelons! Do not try to mislead the reader. Stay relevant, precise, crisp, honest and creative.

One on One

Put only one CTA per email. You can run an email campaign with say five different emails with maybe even the same gist in different packaging but stick to one call to action per email.

Segmentation is Key

Segment your emails so that they reach the right audience at the right time. After defining your target market, there would be changes in the geography of the market. Choose timings that are relevant and segment your emails accordingly. Also, your subscribers may be at different levels of their buyer’s journey, the email that you sent to a potential buyer and the one that you sent to someone who has already shown interest in you must be different. This is where segmentation would help you.

Give them a ‘smart’ touch

Over 80% of email users access their inbox on their phones. Make sure that while the email is being opened on a phone, it is user-friendly. Design it in such a way that it is mobile friendly.

Get Social with Social Media Marketing

Social media is an effective medium to increase the engagement with your audience. The love for Instagram is on the rise and there are numerous examples of marketers using it in an exemplary way to market themselves.

Make yourself Digitally Present

Optimize your digital presence and ensure that your presence counts. Run SEO efforts, make your website active by publishing new and original content. Everything counts from the image alt texts to image description to meta descriptions. Ensure that you run an SEO audit.

There are countless other things to discuss and we will be looking at them as we move forward. But these are the important things that you have to keep in mind.

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Blog Cover Photo by David Travis on Unsplash