Lead scoring and nurturing is an important aspect of lead generation. Better quality leads result in an increase in sales and bring in more business. However, marketers often overlook the importance of quality lead generation. This blog will help them revisit their lead generation process and improve it for faster conversions.

How marketers generate leads

Marketers generate leads through landing pages, buying data dumps or leveraging marketing automation.

Lead generation is, in fact, a top priority of 82% of marketers. And why shouldn’t it be?

Let’s look at some basic steps that marketers can consider after lead generation. This is to fish out those easy to convert, invaluable leads and go after them to make our sales teams’ life easy.

This is where lead scoring and nurturing help.

Lead scoring and nurturing

lead scoring in lead generation

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Lead Match

Let’s start at the top of the funnel.

If you are working in the marketing team, you must be having a set of customer persona that you cater to and ensure every new product you launch or have ever launched has their own set of user personas, that’s like marketing 101. But, we tend to forget the basics over time

    • Use your vast repository of leads and match them against your user persona.
    • Whether it is demographics, behaviour, intent or something else that you are looking for in your customer, give the leads weightage or score according to the persona values that they match and sort out your best leads.

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Lead Intent and Behaviour

After sorting, this is the filtering step. Time to separate out seeds from the chaff. Look beyond email opening rates and CTAs. Track the behaviour of your leads, what are they looking for? Was it only the blog post or are they actually going to buy it? Try out 2 step CTAs by taking them to your blog posts and websites and see whether they are actually interested in a seminar, pricing page, demos or will just register with their name as XYZ, and email id as test@yes.com.

Every time a user takes an action, allot a score or weightage to this action to filter out the best leads based on their intent and buying stage.

Taking the final call

After sorting and filtering your best leads, take the final call. Arrange them on the basis of information that you know are non-negotiable in a lead and contact details you absolutely need. Arrange them on the basis of your needs and requirements and start selling.

It is time to look beyond just traditional lead generation and towards other qualitative aspects after leads generation that will help your sales team filter out and choose the best prospects to go after.

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It is important to strike when the iron is hot. After all, the most important thing that matters at the end of the day is conversions.