When it comes to improving customer retention, marketing automation emerges as the King. It involves customer experience management, streamlining customer journeys, collecting feedback and measuring customer satisfaction. Of course there’s more and managing it altogether manually is not just difficult. But it is highly inefficient. So, businesses are now trusting marketing automation platforms to improve customer retention.

Marketing Automation Platforms To Improve Customer Retention

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Ensure better customer relationships

In today’s era of increasing competition, it is the best time to be a customer. You have ample choices and options to choose from.

Therefore, a robust marketing automation platform helps you ace this competition.  Also, in building better and stronger relationships with your customers.

You can automate email journeys, send messages on special days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This is to show how much you care for your customers.

Even the smallest communication such as a ‘thank you’ for being a loyal customer’ helps. This is something that earns a lifelong loyal customer.

A marketing automation tool can help you study existing user behaviour. Therefore, you can push emails based on what they are looking for or aspire to own.

Share a thank you email to new customers. Tell them how grateful you are to have them come on board.

Improve the sales process

Automation can improve the sales process by automating emails that you send to potential customers. You can share offers, deals, discounts, and early-bird notifications to increase engagement and improve conversions. This will help you boost retention in the long run.

Simultaneously, you can share resources with them that push them further down the sales funnel. This will create an exemplary experience they increasingly become accustomed to. This will further help you note emotional customer touch points and improvise.

You can use this data to improve the overall customer retention. Know more here

On-board customers with a seamless experience

Marketing automation helps in seamless customer on-boarding and presenting ways to get started. This can include-

> Completing account profile

> Setting up goals and triggers

> Creating email templates for faster follow-ups

In fact, an efficient marketing automation tool will know the right time to trigger important information. This helps ensure greater efficiency.

Determine readiness with lead scoring

Lead scoring is one of the finest ways to cater to the most promising potential customers. So, they come on-board with your business and decide to stay.

With a marketing automation platform you can determine how active or passive a particular lead is. You can keep a track of this score and determine the journey for a particular set of customers. This will help you follow up with them and engage them better.

Use lead scoring for existing customers as well because it will show the engagement level of each customer. You can figure out whether you need to take additional initiatives or not. In the long run. This turns out to be an apt strategy to increase customer retention.

Learn more about the ROI of lead scoring

Ask for feedback and create strategies for improvement

Marketing automation allows you to push regular automated feedback and survey forms.

This will help you note the pulse of your customers. Also, you will find out ways to improve their experience.

Push personalised content for continued engagement

Customer delight and customer loyalty are important for any business. With the help of personalised content you can ensure continued engagement for a longer period.

A marketing automation tool will gather relevant customer data. Then, it will give you insights about the kind of content that a particular customer is seeking.

Are they looking for a better experience? Are they looking to purchase other than what they already have? You can get all such insights at one particular platform.

So, it’s a complete win-win for your customer as well as your business.

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