Customer data can be used to create smarter strategies for social media marketing. As long as companies fetch it ethically, this data can help improve customer experience and improve business performance.

Moreover, social media has enchanted over 3 billion users across the globe it has become easier for businesses to keep track of customer behaviour. Like it or not, customer data is out there and businesses are simply tapping on its potential.

And why not?

  1. It is accelerating the process in which a buyer gets what they need or are looking for.
  2. It is creating a business opportunity to track and meet customer demand much faster.

Users are willingly letting businesses know about their personal interests. This means that they like it when they need something and see an ad exactly at the time when it’s most probable that they’ll make a buying decision or a purchase.

That’s how businesses are using strategies for social media marketing for greater, faster benefits.

Create smarter strategies for social media marketing with customer data

strategies for social media marketing

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Building an Internal Database to create personalised marketing campaigns

Building an internal database is a long-term strategy that can produce amazing results over time. It also makes it appealing for investors.

It reduces the cost of customer acquisition and makes businesses less reliant on expensive advertising sources.

So how can a business build an internal customer database?

One of the most effective ways is through content marketing, social media listening and search engine optimization (SEO).

In a way, you promote creative content to see what users like on social media and use the same data to improvise social strategies.

Utilize External Database Sources

More experienced marketers look past email sign-ups and build an online database of individuals through third-party data sources. They use social listening.

You can use re-marketing on high-intent audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even on Google at a cheaper cost. The key is to brainstorm those keywords that your audience uses to seek information. Basically, these are buyer keywords.

B2B Marketers also can leverage LinkedIn’s database of business professionals to build their database. This is done through forms, sponsored content, etc.

Customer Retention by tracking social media user behaviour

Another effective database marketing strategy is marketing to existing customers to improve retention and loyalty. It is an efficient marketing strategy because retention is always cheaper than acquisition.

In essence, understanding the activity in customer database can help businesses build custom experiences.

Segmentation and Personalization

Marketers aim to nurture their leads, which are a part of their marketing database, to form a one-on-one relationship with customers.

This is possible through personalization through segmentation. Personalization helps improve open rates, click-through rates, sales and customer lifetime value.

For example, eCommerce brands can send automated, personalized coupons to cart abandoners based on the user’s behavior on their website.

Another opportunity lies in reaching out to disgruntled competitor customers. Find out all 16 social strategies to grow your business.

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